A few of the places
you may have seen me​


A few of the places
you may have seen me​

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How To Forgive And Heal In The Wake Of Divorce

Divorce is one of the great epidemics of our society. It tears families apart and brings painful memories for years to come. You go into marriage thinking that you’ll be together forever, and next thing you know, the vows you took are broken and the life you planned and dreamed of has crumbled. It makes divorcees wonder if there is even a small glimmer of hope for finding love again. Some recover quickly, but for many it takes years to adjust to the changes.

Urban Living and the Challenge to Find Meaningful Relationships​

“Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” For many single adults in urban settings, particularly the NYC metropolitan area, this familiar phrase summarizes the quest for meaningful relationships (ie. love).

Evening chat on radio “RusRek”

We discussed how to get through obstacles within relationships, cheating, how to keep the spark alive and reiki healing.

Here’s Why Highly Successful People Are So Bad At Relationships

After weeks of tormenting and mentally draining myself, I finally found the courage to end my three-week engagement and eight-year relationship. I remember the day I called it quits. It was right after Hurricane Sandy hit New York City and destroyed the homes of many, including my own family’s. I recall waking up that morning, feeling something inside me shift, and all I heard was “Inna, you cannot continue living this way. There will never be a right time. You owe it to yourself to be happy. Just do it.”

One on One Transformation Program

During this time, we will be working together to create an action plan implementing it together so that you can finally get the results you have been looking for but unable to find. And of course, address the challenges that come up along the way.

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