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About me

I thing it will be
interesting for you

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I immigrated from Uzbekistan with my entire family when I was seven years old. Shortly after my biological parents divorced partly because they couldn’t salvage the relationship and partly because the immigration process combined with generational trauma took a toll on them. What was clear was that these two people whose togetherness as a couple was toxic, and their divorce was the natural, inevitable result of that.

My mother remarried roughly a year later, and that union stuck because it was entirely opposite of the previous marriage. It wasn’t toxic because it was built on a foundation of similar goals and expectations soared by both her mother and her new husband.

Because of this, I was able to observe first-hand the differences between toxic and healthy relationships at a young age. As I grew older, I gained an even deeper understanding from personal experience, dealing with, and ultimately freeing myself from toxic and unhealthy relationships of my own. Experiencing the pain and challenges of unhealthy relationships in this way not only helped me to better identify problem areas but enabled me to empathize compassionately with individuals who have similar struggles.

The difficulties I faced in some of my relationships were met with my objective to find the lessons in the hardships and asking questions like, “Am I living someone else’s life?” and “Am I being true to myself in this relationship?” Many times, examining one’s relationship is a matter of asking the right questions, listening over being quick to judge, and identifying the lesson to be learned. I approach people and their relationships as someone who has been through similar struggles and challenges emerging with a sharper perspective and healthier outlook. I didn’t set out to be a Relationship Coach, No, it was born more as a natural extension of my experience and observations… and who I am than it was a stated career goal.

My personal struggles help to inspire my coaching with work singles and couples from fundamentally different cultural backgrounds. I’m also inspired to teach singles how to attract and find love and couples who are struggling to rekindle their romance.

This has been my driving motivation. I believe my experience can be put to good work and provide a means of guiding people toward healthy relationships for themselves.

Everyone wants a healthy relationship. Let me see if I can help you find one.

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