Want to know why you keep
attracting the wrong partner?
Take my attachment style quiz
to better understand your dating life!

Want to know why you keep
attracting the wrong partner?
Take my attachment style quiz
to better understand your dating life!

I'm so Glad you're here!

I'm so Glad you're here!

As a dating and relationship coach I’ve helped smart, successful women gain confidence and clarity needed to attract quality, relationship-minded men.

I can help you, too.

In one call, I can shift your mindset and set you on the path to attracting the kind of man you want to meet.

We all need support from time to time. Whether it’s for a personal reason or business reasons, we know we can’t do it alone if we want to be successful. We need a strong team and guidance around us to lift us up, hold space and accountability so that we can shine.

Just realize that you are not alone. Some of the most driven and successful people in the world have the hardest time finding love.

Here's the good news

Dating doesn’t have to be so difficult and it shouldn’t feel like a second job either.

I know how frustrating it must be to have failed at relationships. To have flings, one-night stands, friends with benefits, unreciprocated obsessions, but nothing that ever grew into anything substantial.

I know that many of you spend your free time trying to figure out men and why you haven’t found the right one for you and you are spending a fortune on self-help books and want to stop all of that and have a solid relationship but don’t know how to.

Sometimes you even fear that you will never find your happiness and if it worked for others it won’t work for you. Many of you feel the social pressure to get married because time is ticking away; Or to make it right this time around.

If all these things are concerning, then you are in the right place. I invite you to create the love life you desire.

Questions you must ask yourself:
1. What do you want?
2. What kind of relationships do you want you to have?
3. Not what others think you want but what do you want?
4. Do you want to learn all the ingredients that are needed in order to find the exact man suitable for you and your lifestyle?
5. Are you just getting reacquainted with the dating scene and have trouble getting past the obstacles that keep you from being happy?
6. Are you confused and overwhelmed and found that dating apps make you feel worse?
7. Are you trying to get over an ex but feel like you’re failing and still angry or sad?

If you said YES to any of the questions above, I can help.

I’m here to help as many women as I can around the world become the ultimate versions of themselves and design their most epic love life.


Now you must decide, do you want to stay where you are, living the life you are or do you want to have it all, an amazing love life that women around the world dream of. I’m so glad you’re ready for a breakthrough in your love life.

Coaching is a relationship and I want to make sure we have chemistry before you join the program. And I’m sure you do, too!

This time together is to help you get clear on what is happening in your love life, and where to focus next… even if the answer is not coaching (because its not right for everyone). I offer coaching services that can help you explore your unique relationship with yourself or with your intimate partner. Sessions involve guiding you into personal insights that will help you better understand and connect with yourself.

Please complete the form below so I can learn more about you and prepare for our powerful conversation.

One on One Transformation Program

During this time, we will be working together to create an action plan implementing it together so that you can finally get the results you have been looking for but unable to find. And of course, address the challenges that come up along the way.

My personal Journey

I immigrated from Uzbekistan with my entire family when I was seven years old. Shortly after my biological parents divorced partly because they couldn’t salvage the relationship and partly because the immigration process combined with generational trauma took a toll on them. What was clear was that these two people whose togetherness as a couple was toxic, and their divorce was the natural, inevitable result of that.

My mother remarried roughly a year later, and that union stuck because it was entirely opposite of the previous marriage. It wasn’t toxic because it was built on a foundation of similar goals and expectations soared by both her mother and her new husband.

Because of this, I was able to …

What people are saying

Inna has helped me in tremendous ways. Her sessions provided a lot of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. Within a coupe of weeks I noticed the shifts in my old patterns of thinking.

Donna Cherkassy

“Working with Inna is akin to a long chat with your closest friend, but you know – with results. Each session is completed at your comfort level and you surprisingly get to the root of a situation (you know. Instead of going in circles and tangents with a friend?). Fixing your own issues is always the hardest part, but Inna offers options and a different point of view without judgement and with plenty patience. Highly recommend.” Yana Lusher

Inna has been instrumental in helping me get past failed relationships, provide clarity and peace of mind. Her support and guidance got me through some difficult times and her advice and insights when it comes to male/female dynamics gave me the perspective I needed to break free from unhealthy patterns when it comes to dating and for that I will be forever grateful.

Victoria K

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